Are you news literate?

With the rise of fake news online, determining what’s legitimate news is becoming ever harder. It is not restricted to text; images can also qualify as fake news.  Take this quiz to find out how news literate you are.

#1 You receive a ‘sent as received’ message, what is your next move?

#2 A negative article about your favourite politician landed on your social media, you?

#3 A website is posting ‘exclusive’ news but it still seems suspicious. What do you do?

#4 Virality, fact-checking, confirmation bias, do these words mean anything to you?

#5 You see an image going viral on social media, you…



Bravo! You can easily tell legitimate news from hoaxes and fake news.

Five claps to you!

Oh, oh! Seems you need more lessons in telling legitimate news apart. Keep off from that ‘share’ button, please.


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